Best Interview Transcription Services

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Tips for Interview Transcription


An interview is very essential to extract fresh or some discrete details. Yet, in order to level up the collected data, interview transcription services are required. These are transcription type in which the audio file of the interview is converted into a text format. Moreover, the interview transcription services provide an easier understanding of the qualitative data.

The reason why interview transcription services output or document can be easily understood is because the brain can easily process written word compared to listening to few hours of recorded audio. Another thing is that interview transcription services provide printed output that can be shuffled quickly from one page to another. This can help the readers to connect the stories easily. It is not feasible to do this is an audio file interview.

The requirement for journalist interview transcription services, as we say, is important. However, transcribing an interview in a best way is another consideration. You have to look for interview transcription services that offer quality transcription output. Whether you are going for research interview transcription services or police interview transcription services, you must understand that the interview transcription services cost should not compromise the quality.

Speaking of the best way to transcribe an audio file interview, here are some essential steps that most interview transcription services are performing. Check these steps and analyse each.

  1. Select a method of transcription

The process of interview transcription services usually comprised of three primary methods. First, the manual transcription method. The next one is the automated transcription method by a service provider. And lastly, hiring an outsource personnel.

However, choosing the best way to transcribe entails various considerations. But, keep in mind that the best method will generally depends on the accuracy of the audio file, budget, processing time, and the confidentiality level. There are generally lots of budget-friendly transcription over the web but be very keen in looking for the reliable one.

  1. Formatting transcription

Even if you hire interview transcription services you will still need to check the transcription output once it will be handed back. Check for errors and look for possible things for editing if necessary. Be considerate with the document style, margins, and line spacing.

  1. Reviewing the transcribed output

Basically, after the interview process, your connection with the interviewee does not end there. You still need them to review the transcription output of the audio file interview. Through this, you will verify the accuracy of the recording of the things they said or the meaning behind their words.

  1. Do not name names

In publishing a research, it is a norm not to drop names of person that you interview. Also, all the names related to him should not be mentioned. Example of this is the place where he live in order to avoid tracing of particular person. However, this only applies on publishing. That’s why the original names of the interviewee are kept on during the transcription process.

  1. Keep record

It is advisable to maintain a record of every transcription process. List down who do the transcribing, editing, and proofreading. Also include the date when each activities are performed.



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What are the Different Types of Captioning?

date09 أبريل 2020 authorمن طرف heward

Captioning services are basically comprised of showing text counterparts of the words being said and spoken. Some television programs, online videos, and educational training tools are mostly in need of captioning services. And there are various methods where captions can be displayed on the screen. Example, in broadcast captioning services, the captions are laid out at the bottom part of the video. Mostly, this type of captioning services is coloured for the purpose of indicating the speaker. These can be a contributing factor that can generally affect the closed captioning cost.

 Types of Captioning Services

 Here are the different types of captioning services:

  1.       Closed captioning services

 In UK, closed captions are also known as “subtitling”. The viewers have the choice to view the captions or not. However, they need to turn the captions on or off while utilizing this kind of captioning services. It is very easy to distinguish if a certain program uses closed captioning. They are frequently determined in the program manuals or video covers. Generally, the closed captioning symbol [CC] is written in the cover.

 2.       Open captioning services

 The goal of open captions is to let everyone see the message of the video by displaying the captions. They are generally fixed and embedded on the video file. Other terms for these captioning services are “burned in” or “hardcoded”. One can play on various caption fonts and styles when using these captioning services. Open caption includes those foreign films with subtitles.

 3.Live captioning services

 Generally, this type of caption is converted for use of live TV shows like sports coverage, program finale, and the news and current affairs. Aside from that, it is also useful for business settings, educational trainings, and events. For live captions, two methods are being utilized: the steno-captioning and the respeaking.


The process of producing live captions that includes the utilization of stenotype machine is called as “stenocaptioning”. The process of word creation using phonetic sounds is somehow similar to the way a pianist produces chords through different piano keys. This method of live captioning service is being used generally for reporting on courtroom to capture every word being delivered.


The difference of respeaking is that it primarily depends on a software that generally recognize voice. This is the method in which the captioners listen to the audio of live events and using their voice recognition software, they duplicate the speech. It is the voice recognition software that develops the captions as a written context.

 Live captions are produced at the exact time of broadcast. It can also be utilized during real-time events for classroom discussions, meetings, or lectures. The words are displayed right after they are being delivered by the speaker. Moreover, this type of captioning is also popularly known as the “Communication Access Real-time Translation”.

 4.       Closed and Open Captioning

 This type of captions is generally created ahead of the airing or broadcasting time. Sometimes, the closed and open captions are made upon uploading and publishing of video. The closed and open captioning method permits the most detailed captions. Quality control and checking can be done prior to the completion of captioning in this method.

 Moreover, this type of captions can be displayed in an appropriate position. It can also be colored to permit the ease of identification of speakers. This also includes sound effects that are necessary to the scene. 

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طريقة صنع عجينة الصلصال بالمنزل من مواد بسيطة و غير مضرة

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طريقة صنع الصلصال في المنزل و بمواد متوافرة جداً و بدون المواد الكيميائية الضارة و بفعالية رائعة : الشرح بالفيديو + شرح كتابةً


المكونات : الدقيق والملح والماء وزيت الطعام

الخطوات : نضع الدقيق و الملح في إناء ثم نضع فوقهم الزيت و نحركهم قليلاً ثم نضع فوقهم الماء ( يمكن أن يكون ملوناً أظن مثل العصير المجفف بعض وضعه في الماء و الله أعلم ) و نحركهم جيداً و في حال عدم تبللها كلها نضيف المزيد من الماء طبعاً لا تزيدوا كمية الماء لتصبح أكثر من كمية الخلطة و في حال لم تكن متماسكة نضع الدقيق/ أو الملح لم ألاحظ الفرق في الفيديو , و نحركها جيداً و تصبح جاهزة تماماً للاستخدام

و هي ذات فوائد كبيرة للأطفال و فن رائع للكبار أيضاً


الفيديو :

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محرك البحث " يا عربي "

date03 أكتوبر 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel


                                                           يا عربي

                                                          Ya Arabi


أريد أن أتكلم عن محرك البحث العربي " يا عربي " " Yah Arabi " عندما استخدمته و شاهدت جماله و الاحترام الذي يحظى به المستخدم و الابتعاد عن الإساءة تساءلت لماذا لا أكف عن استخدام Google  و  Yahoo و اللذان أعلنا المزيد...

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مصحف مثلث التوحيد

date08 يوليو 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel

في البداية المدونة لا تحمل أحقاداً أو ضغينة على أي دين أو طائفة , و الموضوع منقول


سورة الفاتحة الأمريكية!!
( بسم الأب الكلمة الروح الإله الواحد الأوحد ، مثلث التوحيد ...موحد التليث ما تعدد )alt

وتنقيح سورة التوبة: المزيد...

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اصنع تطبيقات الجافا باستخدام الجوال

date02 يوليو 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

و الصلاة و السلام و البركة على سيدنا محمد

السلام عليكم

قد يتمنى الكثير ممن لا يملكون حواسيب أن يصمموا تطبيقات الجافا و لكن يستبعدون هذه الفكرة لعدم توافر الحاسوب

و لكن كل هذا تغير لأن هناك عدة تطبيقات تمكنك من تصميم تطبيقات الجافا باستخدام جوالك العادي فالتطبيقات التالية هي بصيغة جافا للجوال قد يراها البعض معقدة و البعض الآخر لا لكن على كل الأحوال ستقوم المدونة بشرح التطبيقات و خطوات عمل التطبيق

أولا الموضوع يتكلم عن طريقتين الأولى ناجحة و لكن قد لا تعمل على كافى الجوالات أما الثانية فهي الأكثر ضماناً

المتطلبات : خبرة في برمجة j2me ( الجافا للجوال ) + جوال يدعم الجافا + التطبيقات اللازمة ( رابط التحميل أسفل الموضوع )

1- الطريقة الأولى باستخدام المزيد...

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تحميل كتاب أسرار سورة الكهف و مشروع ناسا للشعاع الأزرق

date22 يونيو 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

الماسونية و خططها العديدة للسيطرة على البشرية و استقبال المسيح الدجال

أسرار جديدة يتم كشفها في هذا الكتاب الشيق

رابط التحميل :

في حال لم يعمل الرابط يرجى إبلاغ المدونة من خلال تعليق و ستقوم المدونة بعون الله بتأمين رابط جديد

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علامات ماسونية تظهر في Arab Idol

date22 يونيو 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel

مقارنة بين الشعارات الماسونية و شعارات Arab Idol

المدونة لا تجزم بالأمر و لا تقيم حرباً ضد البرنامج لكن تفتح باباً آخر من أبواب الاحتمالات

الموضوع مقتبس من عدة مواضيع في عدة مواقع/منتديات










الخلفية : العين و الأضواء التي  المزيد...

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كيفية عمل Package لـ j2me في sun java WTK

date14 يونيو 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

يحتاج برنامج Sun java wireless toolkit من أجل عمل Obfuscated Package

إلى برنامج يسمى progaurd

بعد تحميل البرنامج و استخراجه ( في حال كان مضغوط ) نفتح مجلد البرنامج ثم المزيد...

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إعجاز علمي في القرآن الكريم ( الاستنساخ و مضاره )

date29 مايو 2013 authorمن طرف earth0angel

صورة وآية: الاستنساخ

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4


لقد أشار القرآن إلى الاستنساخ وغيره من عمليات تهدف لتغيير خلق الله تعالى، وأنها من عمل الشيطان.. دعونا نتأمل ما يقوله العلماء.... المزيد...

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